How to: Purchase Domain and Hosting

I have had a number of people ask me how to build a website, and what they need to buy to do so.  Most recently many of these have been rooted in the interest of buying a domain and owning  I typically suggest to people that they should avoid purchasing their domain from a host all wrapped up in one package.  The reason for this is it restricts you the option to switch one or the other later on when they decide, “Hey, Mr. loyal customer you aren’t going anywhere so the next year will cost you $100 rather than the $10 we charged you to start.”  If you decided at this time to switch to another company, they can restrict you from doing so for a period of time by taking hold of your DNS Lookup address.  However when you purchase the domain from one company and host from another one  its easy enough to switch one or the other at any time and just update the address manually on either end without much hassle as both are trying to keep you a happy customer rather than a dopey loyal one.

Lastly,  I am often asked for recommendations, though obviously biased as they are who I have been happily using for the past 2 years for multiple domains,  I use 1&1 for Domains and for Hosting.  Good luck and happy building.


28. February 2012 by ximfinity
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