Why Doctors Die Differently

“In a 2003 article, Joseph J. Gallo and others looked at what physicians want when it comes to end-of-life decisions. In a survey of 765 doctors, they found that 64% had created an advanced directive—specifying what steps should and should not be taken to save their lives should they become incapacitated. That compares to only about 20% for the general public. (As one might expect, older doctors are more likely than younger doctors to have made “arrangements,” as shown in a study by Paula Lester and others.)”

Very interesting article on the reasons why a patient driven healthcare system has caused a rise in death preventative medicine which in turn has caused increased suffering to patients rather than improved life expectancy with a significantly high level of quality in life.

[via: WSJ.com]

27. February 2012 by ximfinity
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