How to: Turn your Old Android phone into a New-ish Wifi device

Do you have an old android device sitting around?  If you get a new phone every two years this is very likely, Don’t fret, I’ll show you how to turn that device into a wifi only beast to listen to media, and browse the internet.  I’ll cover how to do this using the HTC Droid Incredible (Dinc) as an example of what is done.  If you ever wondered why people love Android, this is why.

Step 1: Backup Everything you want to keep

I always suggest this before starting any process where rooting or a new ROM will be involved, especially pictures and downloaded files that have some importance.  Good Directories to check under are /DCIM/, /download/, /downloads/, /media/.

Step 2: If you haven’t already, lets root your device.  If you haven’t done this before, read this great post.  Once this is done, make sure you have the latest Clockwork Mod Recovery (CWM) flashed and you will be ready to go.

Step 3: Pick a rom, yes any rom you want.  Oh yes, did the guy at the store forget to mention that there are easily 50 flavors of Android you can install onto your device?  For the beginner I would suggest you stick with something you know like a stock rom.  Download that and put it onto your SDcard directory.   If you are looking for more advanced features, go with either the most recent rom or the very popular Cyanogen Mod Rom.

Step 4: Download the Wifi Only Script. Place this file onto your internal memory root directory.

Step 5: Open up Rom Manager and reboot into recovery.

Step 6: Perform a wipe data/ factory reset, a cache wipe, and then under advanced perform a dalvik cache wipe.

Step 7: Select Install Zip from SDcard, navigate to the zip file you downloaded in step 3 and install it.  You should see some text fly by and the menu will return once finished.

Step 8: Select the reboot option and let your phone restart, don’t worry if it takes a bit of time, it can sometimes take up to 5 minutes on the first boot after a new ROM is installed.  It will boot much faster any time after this.  Proceed through the welcome screens, connect to your wifi and sign into your google account.

Step 9: Download and install Script Manager from the market. Run it and allow SU access.  Navigate to the Wifi script previously downloaded and open it, set it to run on boot, and to have run with root (SU).

Step 10: your radio should disconnect and save battery, your device is now Wifi Only.  Play around with some of the cool stuff you can still do with the device.

 [Thank you to all of the awesome dev’s linked at XDA]

25. February 2012 by ximfinity
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